Recently someone told me that you can either be lucky in gambling or lucky in love.

Needless to say, I booked a trip to Vegas.

The time has come to cash in on a dented heart and nights spent, well, entertaining you. I am about to pack up a little bag of Lilly Couture (read: cargo pants and shoes that enable standing comfortably for 3 hour shifts at the craps table). You see, this weekend, Cupid and I are gonna square up.

I haven't been to Vegas since December, when my oh-so-pious Muslim family made the trip over to Sin City to spend some quality time and celebrate the birth of Christ. A family that shames itself at blackjack together sticks together. Ok, or my Dad and I stick together while my mom asks us to pretend we don't know her.

So, thanks to the influential individual mentioned in the first line (who was so important that I actually forget who it was), I realized that this could be the birth of a movement. There is money to be made here. No one said I was making a roundtrip visit. Whenever YOU next find yourself cruising the strip (no, not cruising for a stripper. Hi guys), you will find me pushing a little vendor cart outside O'Sheas. "Teeeee shirts for sale!" Lucky in love. Lucky in Las Vegas. Either way, I'm making bank. But don't look for me when the $5 tables are on. (cue "Hey big spendeeeeeeeeer")

I KNEW I didn't get the law degree for nothin'. Civil organization, here I go. The Movement: If I'm single when the next Black Friday, ahem, Valentine's Day weekend comes around, I have a plan. I will become the official tour organizer for Lucky In Something Tours. Singles only, 48 hours in Vegas. Make it or break it, but you can't leave until you've been lucky in one thing or the other. It's like Survivor, but with "all-nite" buffets.

As for my maiden voyage as CEO of the Tours, I have already purchased two pair of "lucky Vegas shoes". Trust me, they're an investment. The tunes for the car are ready to go. I resisted packing Eye of the Tiger for the trip. Ok, that was a lie. Come on, a girl needs an anthem!

But I can't totally lie. Last night I picked up some lucky lipstick too.

Just in case.