Things My Dad Was Right About: A List

In honor of Father's Day, I'm going to acknowledge things my dad was right about and post them here. I won't tell him to his face because that would just be too much to bear. The grin, the knowing look, the focused gaze when he gives a future piece of advice, remembering that once upon a time I admitted weakness. But my dad is freaking awesome, as anyone who knows him will say. This apparently includes the man at the convenience store in the town where we grew up, who tracked me down on Facebook just to ask me how Dad is and to say hello for him. This man has passed much knowledge to his kids (and anyone in earshot) over the past years, and I figured I'd capture some of it and share it.  

Things My Dad Was Right About 

1. Buy your car in silver or gold colors. It shows dirt much less and you won't have to get as many car washes.

2. Always be organized and clean. People will respect you more.

3. Never bet "max" on the slot machine when all the lines are empty. Nothing good will come up on the next spin.

4. Save money. It doesn't grow on trees. Don't waste it. You'll be sorry.

5. If you buy an article of clothing you love and it's a reasonable deal, purchase it in multiples and save them. When you wear the one you love so much out, you'll have a backup and by then it may be out of production.

6. Pay your credit card bill balance completely, every single time.

7. If you couldn't buy it with cash, you probably shouldn't be buying it.

8. Always carry cash.

9. The main food groups are soup, salad, coffee and ice cream. Everything else is just because you people made me eat it. Ok, that last sentence is paraphrased, but I'm 100% confident he would gladly claim it as his own.

10. Carry mints.

11. The power of the nap.

12. Get educated.

13. Don't say bad things about people.

14. There is no shortcut. The only way you can successfully trade on the stock market long term is by fully understanding and studying the companies you invest in.

15. When you buy something, ask yourself "Do I NEED this?" Ideally ask it to yourself as if your dad is standing in the aisle of Target with you, questioning you before allowing you to make the purchase.

16. McDonald's coffee is excellent.

17. Don't subscribe to more than 2 magazines. Be honest with yourself, you don't read them.

18. Weigh yourself constantly and if you see something you don't like, act immediately. (He's been the same weight or less my entire life)

19. You throw too much stuff out. Think carefully about how you can repurpose every scrap of cardboard, every container.

20. Cell phones are bad for you. You don't really need one as much as you think you do.

21. Make sure you have chemistry with the person you're with. It's important.

There's a lot more, but I guess the edge on having him as my pops means I don't have to share it all in one swoop.  Grateful for him, and grateful to mom for choosing him! I'm sure I'll write a similar post on her one of these days too. For now, signing off with Happy Father's Day wishes to any of you out there who are celebrating with your families. Thanks to all the dads raising the future generation- they give us hope!