My Triumphant Return to Blogging OR Five Things That Made Me Smile Today

I have been hovering over my keyboard for two weeks and two days now, trying to figure out how I was going to blog about my next big life change. I decided to take a few months up in San Francisco, a city I love and will probably love even more since I'm a single girl and then I can blame my singleness on something other than the fact that I'd rather spend an evening with two other couples (Lorelai and Luke and Rory and Logan for anyone keeping track) on any given night. So off I go to the big city up north, the city where other people read more than I do. The emerald city.

The sad thing is that I know more people there than I do here. If I had to take a poll, quantity-wise I'd say more people are excited to see me move up there than are sorry to see me go. There has been a slow exodus from San Diego and I'm attributing part of the lack of mourning-my-forthcoming-absence here to that (for the sake of my own ego!). Or maybe urban sprawl just makes it feel like that. And I suppose the fact that it's just a test run at this point (two months, for those of you counting) helps make it not quite dramatic.

But it IS dramatic for those of us who have resided at the same address for the past four years. I have never moved somewhere for the hell of it. There was always a reason (namely: school, school, school, family). I'm just going to go. To see if whatever it was that told me when I was 16 that I would someday live up there actually exists. (Back when I was 16 it struck me as "Chicago with less shitty weather", for one thing). Back then that same 'something' told me I'd go to Stanford. Hardy har har.

So that's the general backdrop for whatever I'll be yammering about in the coming months. Maybe I'll write blogs about all the time I spend in the public library (my hopes! my dreams!) or at obscure author readings. Or about walking up hills and down hills and back up them again (i'm not taking my car. this seems like a good idea at this point in time, i'm sure I'll be eating my words soon enough). No idea what I'll blog about, but there are aspirations to blog a bit more.

And now, without further ado:


1) Remembering how much I used to love reading "Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday"

2) Working out (step class, LA fitness) and listening to the music and coming to terms with the fact that I'd jump at the chance to be one of the Countdown Singers

3) seeing someone's very very faded suction-cuppy Garfield on his car window

4) related, but NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH GARFIELD: hearing susie make an offhanded reference to Heathcliff at dinner.

5) making jokes about finding a man with a good health insurance plan. and watching other people laugh. and then laughing inside because i wasn't joking.