New Year's Resolutions 2013

Time to do the recap of 2012's resolutions and see just where I fell. Here's my post from last year, with my list of intentions for 2012. Recap below, with commentary. (Always with commentary.)

Posting my new ones because there's nothing like publicly painting yourself into a corner. So now I have to see them through.


1) Do more yoga. I wanted to learn a headstand, which I did not get to. I did, however, for half of the year, go to hot yoga religiously.  

2) Don't eat standing up. Did so-so on this one. Eating on the run is apparently a way of life for me.

3) Do
Done and done! Read my recap of 50 books read and 50 movies watched here. I had wanted to finish reading Kundera's bibliography, but I got stuck on The Joke (still am). Maybe next year.

4) Go new places.
Did this! I didn't get to Africa or the California parks like I'd hoped, but I did get to Milan, Stuttgart, Lugano, and Lucerne, among others. Not complaining.

5) Find somewhere new to volunteer.
I found it, now I need to do it ;)

6) Respond to emails within 24 hours.
If you have emailed me over the past year, you are laughing as you read this. 

7) Use the phone more. Actually connect with people.
I actually did this!

8) Entertain in the home more.
Did not do this at all, outside of Celebrity Trash Book Club. Like, not even slightly. That's it, you're all invited over.

9) Travel with a guy I am excited to travel with. 
Last year I set a goal to go on an awesome vacation in 2012 - not with my girlfriends (amazing and fun travel companions though they are). And I did it. I had distinguished, awesome male company.  But note to me, next time I need to clarify that I want to travel with a man I am romantically involved with. Because said trip, while brilliant, was with my father. Har har, universe!  

But in a most literal sense I guess I can cross this off. Plus, going to see Germany through my Dad's eyes (he went to school there) was on my Bucket List, so I appreciate it on many levels. Done and done.

10) Develop a new talent.
As-yet undiscovered.

11) Write more.
Wrote a little bit more, including a new column for Zan Magazine which is a dream come true.  This year- even more. 


1. Learn Italian.
Already signed up. Here we go!

2. Keep healthy but actually tempting foods at home - at all times. 
If someone ever memorializes me in a painting, they wouldn't be off-base to do the flourescent glow of my face peering into a mostly-empty fridge after a long day at work. I want a full fridge, all the time! And when I say "actually tempting" I mean "not rice cakes". 

3. Double my business. 

4. Go to New Orleans.
I have been putting off a trip to New Orleans for years, and it's time to go sit in a bar and listen to some jazz. The bucket list so requires.

5. Start volunteering again.
I work with Real Medicine Foundation regularly, but I miss the hands-on volunteer experience. Going to get back into it this year, and may train to be a court-appointed special advocate for foster kids (CASA).

6. Hands Up
Had the horrifying realization that age shows on hands more than face. Must address promptly. My paws are NOT giving me away.

7. Write Regularly
If I applied the consistency of my coffee breaks to my writing routine, I'd be a pro by now.

8. Do
This ( was one of my favorite resolutions last year - obviously it's the one I really stuck to.  Can't wait to do it again. Which means I should probably start, so that December isn't spent in a full-on panic again.

9. Unplug more
I'm already dreading publishing this list because I already know the people who will make a snarky comment about this when I pick up my phone to check a text. I will unplug on my terms, but I will do it - regularly. I'm sick of my tracking device, aren't you?

10. Get better at wasting time.
Done living life in a rush, multitasking, etc. This year, we     b   r   e   a   t   h   e .
Time I spend being "productive" is better spent with family and friends, honestly.
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."

Resolutions that did not make the above list:
-Lose the sarcasm
-Get a 6 pack (except the beer kind. That I will always be up for)
-Drink water (implies that coffee is not water?!)