My Bucket List

I've made progress since I started my Bucket List 9/16/09 or reflected on it later that same year. Crossed a few things off and added many many more. I took two things off of it too, realizing that you're setting yourself up for failure when you depend on other people to make them happen. The bucket list is about daydreams you have that you can make happen if you really want to, right? So here goes nothing:

My Bucket List (started 9/16/09)

  • Learn to sail (DONE- Oct 09)
  • Learn to sing a song in Portuguese
  • Learn Italian
  • Go to Senegal
  • Learn fluent Spanish
  • Adopt a kid
  • Become a parent
  • Be able to do a freestanding handstand & hold it
  • Do lotus pose
  • Learn tango (Done in 2010...ok, in progress ;)
  • Tango in Buenos Aires (now that I actually can)
  • Do yoga in India
  • Pet a lion
  • Sing in a jazz club
  • Be listed in 50 under 50 or a woman to watch, etc. make some list
  • Record a song
  • Microfinance a woman’s business abroad
  • Visit every country in the world
  • Ride an elephant
  • Experience 0 gravity
  • Try veganism (Done, 3 weeks in 2010. Not so hard after a few days. Liked it.)
  • Go to Germany (again) or Iran with my dad
  • Sleep in a castle
  • Wear an 18th century costume a la Marie Antoinette, etc.
  • Drink foreign wine while sitting where I can see the vineyard (Done- Tuscany, May 2010)
  • Make friends with an old person I’m not related to
  • Get a 6 pack
  • Go to Macchu Picchu
  • Go whale watching and actually see a whale
  • Go to NashVegas
  • Hear jazz in a New Orleans bar
  • Sleep overnight on a small boat
  • Sleep on a beach
  • Learn how to make my mom's fesenjoon
  • Watch sunrise at the beach
  • Go blonde
  • Flirt with a handsome foreigner fluently in his native language
  • Show up at the airport and just GO
  • Learn how to spin (DJ)
  • Host a radio show
  • Sail in a submarine
  • Learn to fence
  • Read War and Peace
  • Get a belt in a martial art


The Goff Family said...

can't you cross off make friends with an old person who you are not related to- gee is your friend and technically, you are not related?

Bookgirl said...

I thought about that! But she really *is* like family; she's who inspires me to get to know more awesome, inspiring, loving older people though :)