I Know This Much Is True

"A wise woman knows that she knows nothing at all."

1. I know that people come out of the woodwork to ask for favors. I also know the longer it's been since you've heard from them, the bigger the favor.

2. I know that I will never not shudder at the Seinfeld theme song.

3. I know that when people show you their true colors, you best believe them.

4. I know that coffee fixes everything.

5. I know that if we spent half the time with other people that we spend on the internet, we'd be a lot happier.

6. I know that nothing feels better than the feeling of takeoff.

7. I know that when I'm singing in my car I feel invisible.

8. I know that I'm a snob for laughing when someone else said they ate "edanami"

9. I know that even though I consider myself too cool for proverbs, "It's always darkest before the dawn" gives me chills because it's so, so right.

10. I know that I would give up chocolate for peanut butter any day of the week, so take that stereotypes about women!

11. I know that "Don't take this personally, but..." is the #1 worst way to start a sentence.

12. I know that when I call Customer Service and they say "Sorry to keep you waiting", they're not really sorry.

13. I know that 13 is and always will be my lucky number.

Blogging in my Sleep/My Bucket List Begins

At this point I kinda wonder if I blog in my sleep. Because when I check in I realize just how long it's been. I constantly have notes/reminders to myself to write about this or that, but I guess I'm working on intention at this point. The past month has been a whirlwind. The sicko post was rapidly followed by my sister's two (!) weddings, and then right after that one of my bestest friends had a baby.

Both of those events were pretty tremendous and powerful little notches in my little life. It's those sorts of things that make you think "am I growing UP?", but I am able to temper these thoughts with large doses of Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami and Stacey Q road trip songfests. So worry not.

But given that I don't appear to be settling down or having kids any time soon, I thought it was high time to focus on things I can do just for the hell of it until I am saddled with further obligation.

So recently I started working on my Bucket List. I can't remember if I started that before, but in any case 2.0 is now available.

1. learn to sail (which I did, or at least on a basic level, with a few weekend lessons. I got pretty good!)

2. go to Senegal. no idea why, but this has been on my to-do list forever. i'd love to see all of Africa, but if I had to pick one place to start, this is it.

3. learn italian. look, i know it makes sense to get better at speaking Spanish first (like, um, going beyond the present tense, although i work around my conjugation handicap well enough that no one seems to notice) but italian is so romantic and beautiful. find me one other language that sounds so heart-stoppingly gorgeous when people are FIGHTING. i need to be able to respond to Marco when he finds me in the piazza and wants to hit on me, you know?!

4. record something. i'm not sure what. this was on my list and Gene and I did a recording when he had extra studio time that was a total joke and quite entertaining at the time. but i'd love to genuinely record something someday. what? i don't know. and do i promise you it's not going to be a cover of madonna? no. but it might not be, either.

5. go drink wine in a vineyard in europe. i'm hoping to do that this summer. i want to sit around and drink wine from the grapes i'm looking at. now that i can stomach (ok, barely) more than one glass of wine at a time, it's game on

6. be able to do a handstand without leaning on a wall and stay there for more than a second. and no, i don't mean an underwater handstand.

7. have a 6 pack. i mean abs, not beer (although that's fine too). at some point in my life i'd like to say "when i was doing YYY i had a crazy 6 pack. here! let me show you the pictures". it would also be useful to have it for photos when i go on a senior citizens dating site in 2050. i would really prefer if i did not have to do work and/or deprive myself of the goodies in life in order to get it. this may be missing from future versions of my List for that exact reason.

I'm working on more. I need easier things on my list- most of mine are pretty time-intensive. Ooh or maybe I need a to-do list for my bucket list. Or maybe my bucket list should include "reduce dependency on making lists".