Resolution Schmezolution

So this year I tried to give up a few things, but they haven't quite worked. To wit:

1) Horoscopes.

I had an astrology reading by phone at the end of last year with someone who came highly recommended to me. Some of what she said was so dead-on that it made my hair (hairy arms) stand up. However, some of what she said just didn't make sense to me. She said that I would be starting graduate school but not finishing, and that it was a bad time in my life to start. And she said that I should avoid doing business or getting involved with Aquarius people at all costs.

So of course I get to school and who do I fall for? An Aquarius. I actually debated not dating him for this reason. I mean, is there a power higher than astrology? Oh wait, yes there is, and it's called common sense. I quickly learned that I have to take my decision-making out of the hands of Astrologyzone (which has promised me wads of money for years now) and random psychics.

Or maybe I just really wanted to date him. In any case, I know she was wrong on this, I've never been happier with a guy. (author omits extended and mushy musings about her boyfriend for sake of reader non-barfosity) I mean, can we really say that ALL Aquariuses are alike? People born within the same 4 week span differ, sorry. Bleh on astrology, you lost me there.

Plus she told me I wasn't REALLY a Scorpio, but a Libra. And to read Pisces' horoscope instead of mine. That's just too much work yo.

2) Meat.

I tried so hard. I gave it up. I barely even ate fish, which I loved. I cooked tofu this way and that. I even slowed the amount of milk I ate. I found new comeraderie with Susie G. and I discovered new cuisines and restaurants I adored. I even changed my screensaver to that Peta sticker that says "I AM NOT A NUGGET!" I read books about being vegetarian, I bought the supplements, I lectured other people, you name it.

But deep inside, something didn't quite click. I fell off the wagon in a big way and haven't quite climbed back. I love what vegetarianism stands for most of all, and I want to comply again, but I was left just feeling bloated and not devoted enough to the cause. It's easier to eat on par with your partner, so I guess there was a social element there too. Is there a support group out there for lapsed veggies?

3) Swearing.

I'm happy to report that I'm actually doing quite well on this. My mom pointed out that my language had gotten a bit, well, less than classy. I've really tried to curb this. I know it must have REALLY bothered her if she took the time to lightly remind her grown daughter of her language, so I don't want to think about how rampant it must be. Granted, it's a trying time to be sweet-tongued... what with the Palin Situation. But that's another post for another day. Mom, cover your ears!


It's been too long, friend.

I keep trying to find the energy to blog, but I can't, namely for two reasons that I will state here:

1) School. I am so tired. Who knew that the acquisition of "just the right" school supplies could be so darn consuming?

School is crazy as ever. I'm taking a full load on top of all my different jobs in this world. It's cool, I'm reading up on how to function on less sleep. And my multitasking is really shaping up.

My current gripe is that I'm somehow required to take this "business law" class that is honestly more time-consuming than law school itself was. The fun part is I'm not mentioning to my professor that I"m a lawyer in the hopes that unlike professors before him, he won't hold it against me. I figure sheltering him from my accomplishments may lead to excessive praise. Which I wouldn't mind.

2) More importantly, I've been consumed by the stupid election. The election isn't stupid, but the entry of Sarah Palin into the race does render it rather silly, and much like an annoying student council election where people aren't elected based upon merit (true merit = "I will install pop vending machines in the cafeterias!") but upon ill-earned popularity. Sarah Palin has no experience. She tends to bulk up her talks with introductions of her admittedly cute family (although we all know where "cute" got her teenage daughter...) and her "Champion Snowmobiler Husband". With all due respect to Mr. Snowmobiler 2008, I have to say that I expect a bit more accomplishment from the people who work out of the White House I freakin pay to keep up! Just seeing her face makes me want to cry for people who have devoted their lives to female causes and to feminism in general.

She makes me want to barf my face off.

I'm sure you'll hear much about her from me in the weeks to come, but suffice it to say that I care more about this election than ever before. I've been astounded by how many lovely, smart people I know who are just, well, non-voters. This is my personal plea: please please please please sign up and vote. Look! I even posted a cute picture of Obama so you'll like him! Go to and please make sure your friends are signed up too.

The funny thing is, I'm not some wild die-hard pro-Obama person. I mean, once he got the nomination, sure, I trotted to my local Urban Outfitters and bought a tee shirt with his profile. And sure, after a big meal the placement of the design means that Obama gets a puffy lip from me, but hey! Support is support!

But I am against the current administration and I am for a taste of something new and I am for wider liberties and acceptance of people and their choices. With one vote I can say that.

The other day one of my smartest friends told me she doesn't vote because "she doesn't really care and doesn't know that much about the issues". Who we elect ends up appointing judges you could one day end up in front of, so you best like em! Yeah, some people don't realize that. They think just because they didn't vote means that Bush gets a term, so what? What = Bush-appointed Federal judges are in house now and worse, Supreme Court Justices!!! These justices get terms FOR LIFE. So your vote (or non-vote) can echo for a long ass time. Plus the president is our face to the rest of the world (a world which, by the way, pretty much hates us).

I was so stunned by her admittance (although she wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed about it) that I actually went quiet (imagine!). That's what this entire election is going to depend upon- people *starting* to care. The way I see it, I can't complain about things if I don't avail myself of my lil liberties. As my friend used to say "people can complain to me about being fat while they're on a treadmill!"

And for the record, let me make a personal plea: a McCain election pretty much means more US aggression in the middle east. And by "Middle East" I mean "Iran".

No bombing my grandmama, yo!