I Just Called To Say I Blog You.

I owed the world a blog said one of my three readers (Hi Az!) Life hasn't been very interesting of late. I mean, when I thought about what to blog, the first thing that came to mind was to talk about the complete lack of manners around me. Yesterday I went to Bikram (hot) yoga and the woman next to me was hacking. Which is bad enough, but she didn't cover her mouth. Then, while I"m lying there in my shavasana, relaxing, I see her bottle of benadryl in front of me! I mean seriously, if you're that sick, um... STAY HOME!

Today I woke up feeling like crud so i didn't work out (which was disappointing because I have been a workout superstar. So imagine this being written by a toned, highly worked-out self. Thanks.) Anyhow, i came to the cafe to write a paper and catch up on work and who do I sit next to? A woman apparently raised in the same barn as yesterday's woman. She was hacking, hacking and grading papers or something. She always comes here and grades papers, but I overheard her telling someone "everyone thinks I"m a teacher, but i'm not". I can't imagine what she's doing with a red pen and all those papers. From her etiquette, she might be crossing out Emily Post quotes with glee?

Here's a snapshot of me right now:

Book I'm reading: The Joy Luck Club. I have been reading an insane amount this year. I've already read 20 books in 2009, which isn't bad if you consider that I"m working full time and getting edumacated as well? It's a very obvious escapist tactic, the same one I used as a child. Today I'm not sure if I felt sick or if I just felt like staying in bed and reading more, to be honest. But I figure when people have crack habits and are kleptos or whatnot, my little vice ain't so bad.

As for the book itself -how I got through the past 20 years without reading this book is a mystery to everyone. I feel like it just came out. My mom always recommends great books to me and she had, but I'm very much a "judge a book by its cover" person, and this one looked very sad to me. I know, I'm a weirdo, but as it turns out, I was right. It's a heavy book. Anyhow, I think I understand it as an adult way more than I would have when it first came out. As much of an advanced reader as I may have been at age 12, I think I have a different appreciation for the themes of bridging cultures and being the bicultural child of immigrants. I have spent more than one page being grateful that my mom doesn't have a super heavy accent and that she didn't push me to compete as a kid. So that's good, you know, when a book makes you appreciate something in your life. Yay for takeaways.

Music: I have been listening to all new stuff. There has been the occasional digression from the highbrow- I'm not going to lie to you and say the new Britney "Circus" album isn't fantastic from start to end. I'm not going to tell you I don't sing along to it at the top of my lungs. I'm not going to tell you I don't hear the title track in my head during yoga or that I don't wish I'd written half of those songs. I've also been giving the new Prince and Pet Shop Boys a good listen, and some new stuff. A friend gave me the Calvin Harris album "I Created Disco" and I'm loving that. I always wish there was more music from the 80s- sometimes I feel like I know it all- and then something like this comes along and satisfies my drought.

Life: Everyone is getting married and having babies (second, third, or fourth-round issues). See previous 100 posts. Feeling the need to do something BIG so that when people ask me what I'm up to I have something interesting to contribute. "Oh, me? Nothing much. Just, you know, learning Swahili and adopting blind orphans from Mexico. (shrug) The usual."

The other night I saw a horrible reflection of myself. I was watching The Millionaire Matchmaker and this sweet girl went on a date with a millionaire and when he asked her what she does for fun, she said she reads. I was stunned. I mean, could you BE less dynamic? Then I had an "oh shit" moment. In one second of reality television I was able to size up my entire existence into that phrase: "oh shit".

A guy I went to high school with is on a reality show now. It just makes me realize how I could be doing bigger/better/more, making more of a splash. just not sure what it should be. well, i guess if i get swine flu from the yoga chick then i'll make my splash, won't i?

Books, music, life. I think I covered it for now :)