White Noise

I have nothing cohesive to say, but a few thoughts have come in and out of my mind this week:

1) There is no good way to ask people to take you off their annoying spam list. (I'm working with Jon on a solution. Stay tuned.) So far all I've ever done (it was a former client) was to send an email that was addressed to "Dear Clients" but was only sent to her.

2) No one really knows what happened to Taylor Hicks, do they? Tonight at dinner some friends and I were trying to remember the past American Idol winners. When his name came up, it was like we relived America's surprise of the night he won, all over. "Did he win?" "Who?" "The Middle Aged rock star" "I think he did!" "Who?" "The old guy with the grey hair?" "He's not old, he's just, um, grey" "Did he win?" "Oh yeah, he DID!" "WHAT?! He won?!" I don't even remember who the runner-up was, but he/she must be pissed.

3) The World Poker Tour is the only place on tv where Middle Easterners are portrayed in a positive light. Stop laughing.

4) Liberty Taxes has the greatest marketing of all time. You agree with me, right? As soon as I say it, you knew exactly what I meant! People probably recognize them more than they recognize the IRS. Tonight I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a Statue of Liberty dude as I was walking into a pizza place. I used to think that being stoned would be a requirement for that job, but I"m guessing a sea green velour toga is just super comfy work attire. Ain't nothing wrong with that.