So, if you are what you read, I'm not really sure what I am. Clearly I'm confused, clearly I'm making a life to-do list. And clearly I am procrastinating on what I should be getting done.

Current list of bedside books:

1) Meggin Cabot's SHE WENT ALL THE WAY.

People, I'm in a PBE (post breakup era). The girl wrote one of my favorite chick lit books ever (EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE) and continues to write scandalous titles and clean books with snarky heroines I identify with. So I curl up with her books, I identify the hell out of them, and then I find out that I get a happy ending! What's not to love? In the current read her snarky, under appreciated, recently dumped writer heroine is stranded with a hot actor and isn't giving him the time of day out of principle. They just had a brawl about whether to ditch her laptop in the snow. Finally, a REAL moral dilemma! This is writing I can get into.

2) Michael Berg's THE WAY.

I was super depressed this weekend and I was talking with a girlfriend about inspiring books that changed our lives, and this one popped right to the top of my list. Before you read any further, allow me to disclose that it's about Kabbalah. Yup, don't hate it til you try it! If I were to offer a gross oversimplification I'd say that it's about how being good to others can solve the world's problems. I told you it was a gross oversimplification! I bought it years ago and have found it to be one of the most enlightening and peaceful books I've ever read. I'm usually reading something spiritual at any given time, but this is one of the best.


My mom gave this to me for my birthday. Which was possibly ironic given that I had a serious boyfriend on that morning (but not, notably, on that evening). It applies Buddhist principles, Quakerism (yup!), and other stuff to the realm of relationships. It's good, but Buddhism sometimes bothers me because I"m not evolved. I'm not always down with 'what is'. I"M NOT THERE YET!!! I don't feel in the mood to date yet, so this book is technically mid-read, but more realistically tucked in my drawer.


I know you think I'm on a self-help bent, but this is actually a sarcastic and witty (sardonic? is that the word for it?) book using Proust's life story and excerpts from his work to give you tongue-in-cheek on topics such as "how to fail successfully" and so on. I was running out of Milan "Marry me!" Kundera books to read, so I looked up authors influenced by him and came upon this one.

I've never read Proust's famed books, which are 204902249 pages long, so getting the recap is nice too. One of my favorite quotes from his writing so far has been "one must never miss an opportunity of quoting things by others which are always more interesting than those one thinks up oneself". Other highlights of this book include discussions of his ongoing urinary issues and the codependent relationship he had with his mother.


Wow, I guess I'm all up with the weird titles right now. This one is Richard Branson's business lessons books. If I had to list the top 3 people I'd like to meet, he'd be up there. (Madonna's not on my list, so har har Susie!) He's a fascinating, gut-driven businessman who tries anything and everything. I don't have his set of nerves, but it's fun to step into his shoes. Plus it's a happy book to read when business school is boring you out of your skull. It helps remind you (here: me) why you went in the first place. And it's always nice to see someone who has a jolly good time of their life. I don't know many people like that lately!

If you are what you watch, I am a Desperate Housewife.
If you are what you listen to, I just might be "No Way Out", the Puff Daddy and the Family album that I dug up this weekend and that is, if you ask me, not even as good as Ma$e's first album. But that's another thought for another post.
If you are what you drink, I'm green tea.
If you are what you eat, I'm a soy turkey wrap.
If you are what you wear, I'm a heavy grey wool vest with misaligned buttons.
If you are what you think, I'm the mental drafting of a very, very bad professor review for one of my instructors.
If you are what you do, I'm sudoko to the zillionth power and a serious, serious procrastinator.


I've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother Lately. I've been trying to think of why this show resonates so much with me, beyond the great humor (and by obvious, I mean amazing. If you don't watch this show, my esteem for you lowers, that sort of thing). The show is about Ted, a guy who is basically a girl (emotionally) who is on a quest to find "the one". He's just like so many of us in that he has his dream list, he has his group of friends that keep him company and help him reflect on the path of dating (plus remind him of stupid relationship moves, like the butterfly tramp stamp). He keeps dating girls who are nice or interesting or weird, but who make for good episodes and develop his character as we go through the show.

In season one he dates Robin, a gorgeous, witty reporter. Basically the only thing she has going against her is being Canadian and a gun-nut. They date for a year, and have lots of fun, but the chemistry just doesn't seem completely on. They are a great couple on paper, and they are best friends with another couple, and all that stuff, but as wonderful as Robin is, she isn't the girl for him (I have my $ on her being the right girl for sleazy but beloved Barney, but that's another story).

As I watch the show, I see so much of what my friends and I go through with dating. Everyone becomes a story, we embellish the details in our minds and around the dinner table. We have little quirky things we hope against hope for (Ted wants a girl who can quote Ghostbusters). We keep trudging forward, not exactly sure where we're going but bumping against this or that and slowly moving forward.

The way I see it, dating is a lot like a game of Marco Polo, or one of those games we used to play in the pool on a hot summer night. You close your eyes, you stick your arms out in front of you, and you wait for the indications. "You're getting hotter!" "nope, colder" "warmer, warmer, colder!"

And eventually, or so the game goes, you get there.