You are what you Read.

I WANT to write you about how I was going to meet a guy for drinks other night and, on a second check in the rearview, realized my lipstick was uneven. I pulled over and quickly did my lipstick over. Nope, not quite right. Did it, wiped it, redid it, until I realized (with horror, being that I was already 5 minutes late) that I had no boundaries to my lips. Smeared, reddish, and puffy, my appearance now suggested to my date that I had just exited a hot (and apparently sloppy) make out session with someone else. Awesome first impression, I'm sure. Ooops. I mean, that would technically be the interesting stuff to write about. But there are other things on the agenda today kids...

I don't think I've been this excited since my mom got me my first Cabbage Patch Kid (oh, Connie Lucille!).

You might *think* I've been off daydreaming about hot hot Sawyer, but in truth I've been being cerebral, okay?

Check it out:

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