Talk amongst yourselves.

Love love love that track. I found out about it (band: Grand National) on and am officially obsessed. I've been discovering new music, which will relieve those of you sick of hearing my Madonna tracks play til they can't play no mo.

So, brace yourselves: I'm going on VACATION! I know, you thought it would never happen. Shit, *I* never thought it would happen. I'm gone all the time, but that's not the same as vacationing. Every vacation I have is tied to something else -- a wedding, a conference, an obligation of some sort (ok, minus one trip to Vegas, which was the most fun I've had in the past three years, I should note). I decided enough was enough and Punny and I (Single Traveling Females, Inc.) were inspired and booked a spur-of-the-moment cruise. I'm going to get brown again. I will be reclaimed by my people! I will have a buffet 24-7. I will have gambling 24-7. I will have a bed and no internet access to obsessively check my work... 24-7. Woo hoo!

I used to love going on cruises. We went on two when we were younger, back when our parents could actually stand vacationing with the three of us. We had one particularly awesome one where I befriended a bunch of Canadians (that's why I always say "wicked", in case you were wondering. I picked it up and never quite shook it). I had like 2 sips of beer and felt crazy. I met penpals. I left after a week of hanging out with them nonstop and heard the Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You" and got sad and cried in my hotel room. It was awesome. I'm friendstered to one of the guys I met on that some 15 years ago. Gotta love friendster. Gotta love that I still care that we're in touch (hi Jon B!).

I have no idea what this year's cruise will hold. Probably hundreds of dollars lost at the blackjack table, a bit of holiday weight, and catching up on my z's. The friends I make, if I even make friends, will likely be on their honeymoons. But I don't even care. I'm going on VACATION! Did I mention I'm going on vacation?

In other news:
* for once, I decided to do early xmas shopping. but the amazon fairies messed up my order, so everything might not be on time. of course. of course.

* i just had dinner last night with my friends who had their second child. he is so cute. so soo cute. of course, none of my adoration of his lovely baby face kept me from noticing that i have been lapped!

* today my brother asked me if i wanted to buy Franzia. i flashed back to a box of it perched on my dresser sophomore year and us drinking that selfsame wine-in-a-box straight from the tap at the sorority house. i should be embarassed, but i'm too busy laughing.

* i got my subletters' cable bill. i am now quite possibly known to the employees of cox communications as the chick who rented herself "black angels", "wife-bangers 2" and "booty-luscious" during what must have been the very lonely month of October. sigh.


Anonymous said...

Wifebangers 2 was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

personally I felt it was just a cheap cash in sequel, there was nothing new said about banging a wife (ones own or otherwise) that hadn't been said just as well in the original Wifebangers