The Portrait of Lilly Gray...

I am aging right before my very own eyes. How do I know? Well, because I keep saying I"ll be done working at 6 but then I sit here for hours more. Sometimes I will entertain myself by flipping through the tv on my desk (lack of storage space). For some reason having the television on makes me feel like I"m being social. You know, like when Susie called me to tell me the Real World was on (yes, this is what people working at home converse about. but the point is, we DO work!) But I'm not being social. I'm just working.

Tonight it got to the point that I started watching Scrubs, then Wicked Wicked Games, then Scrubs again, and finally (drumroll) -- Becker. Lacking my parents' enthusiasm for the show, I shut it off. And looked at the clock. And realized it was past 10.


Youth is wasted on the ... not the young, just me. I was lecturing my friend about how we work too much. So tonight (let's assume causation rather than correlation) she's out grabbing drinks. What did I do? Oh, cleaned out my inbox and my desk. LOSER. Maybe I should just open a bar and kill two birds with one stone. The workaholic bartender. I could make a killing.

Anyway, I realized I"m working too much and blogging not enough, so here I am.

**Things I Did Recently That You Need To Know About**
(the following may prove to be slightly more interesting than my workday complaints. But only slightly.)

1) I read Blind Submission. It's a novel about another (cough cough) literary agent in San Diego. Yup, I read a novel about working in a literary agency. It was a thinly-veiled send-up of this particular person. But forget about her. The point is that I read a novel about my day job. So sad on so many levels.

2) Started watching LOST. A big thanks for nothing to whoever told me to do it, because...

3) Got hooked on LOST. I can't stop - I needed a fix so badly that I didn't wait for Netflix- I went and got the next discs from the library. Then I made plans with Eric and Chris with the clear understanding that they'd bring me the rest of Season One. When that dinner fell through I was more distressed than is normal for a cancelled dinner plan. Plus I think Jack is raising my already-high bar for guys.

4) Started knitting again. Yay for resolutions. Mine are written on a pink piece of construction paper on my fridge. I have a long list and taped it up after there was no room left. My resolutions range from the aforementioned knitting to "drink less diet coke, more water and wine" to "go to yoga, especially when you don't want to go" to "be nice to people". (hey, gotta cover all the bases.)

5) I've been sleeping too much. It's making me crabby. I have the best of intentions - I've been setting my alarm super early, but then I listen to an entire cd of dance songs play while I snooze. Who knew that Johnny Kemps' "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (To Have A Good Time)" is a lullaby?

Observation:I think there might be a correlation between oversleeping and crabbiness, which really would explain teenagers.

6) Going to Bikram Yoga. It's pretty much my social outlet these days. Who doesn't like going into 110 degrees of pure stink for a good 90 minute stretch? I hate wearing shorts so I'm the only (when I say only, I don't exaggerate) person in pants. Which allows the teacher to then call out "hey, girl in the pants, stretch, further, back, more, back, go, back, flower petal blooming..." Yup. Meanwhile I'm surrounded by vanity personified. My favorite is the early-morning lady who shows up at this 6:30 class but then keeps missing the poses because she's literally staring at herself so intensely. When I sleep through the early class and arrive for 9am, she's still there beautifying herself. Ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the people who stay after class to do sit-ups . They should be shot. I think even Bikram would agree with me on this.

Bonus features: the people who fart and think they don't have to apologize because they're in a yoga studio. Ew, what's that about?

On the upside, even though I've been working too much, it's helpful to know that not everyone else's life is booming. Misery loveth the company. Tonight a girlfriend mentioned to me that the only action she gets is when she runs into guys in her building, "that's pretty much a date for me!"

Um, that's my line. I didn't have the heart to tell her about my apartment elevator boyfriend (who was never seen again). We're estranged.

And so the portrait melts...