How Much Vegas is Too Much Vegas?

You. Yeah, you. The person who actually CONSIDERED answering this question. BOOOOOO! You can NEVER get too much Vegas!

Sometimes a girl just needs to go where everybody knows her name. There is no feeling on earth like riding out the 15, heading off to Tropicana Blvd, and dropping your stuff in your home away from home. Granted, this time my "home" was Excalibur. Before you rag on me, please know that said trip was planned the night before, so it was about all we could find. Secondly, please know that I've gone so far as to stay at Circus Circus on a spur of the moment trip to Vegas. I have needs.

So we jump on the highway and drive out. We check into our hotel- "To the castle!" - and walk to our room. Jessica puts the key in and the door swings open--- oops. Clothes strewn everywhere, people in there, we shut the door.

Let's try that again. Wrong room. So we get into ours. I lead the pack. With a quick "it smells like a crime scene!" we had reached our nest in the City of Sin. I won't go into how there was blood on the bedspread or the cracked frame hanging lopsided on the wall. Oops, I did.


Cocktail waitress uniforms. While we were playing blackjack our waitress never came around, despite the addicition I had to their amazing bloody marys. Then I realized that if *I* were dressed like a court jester maybe I'd hide in the back too.

Gambling. In Vegas everyone is a winner. Even when you drink your losses in free drinks, you win!

Buffets. I became frenemies with the $3-all-you-can-drink-Mimosas. Aw yeah. Try that on for size.

Dancing dancing dancing and none of that "1:30, last call!" bullshit. Jessica had been talking about Brody Jenner while we were watching one or another (they all blur together for me) of the crappy OC-related-reality shows. We debated his hotness (she was pro, I was con). Of course, life being what it is, we ended up at his birthday party at PURE that night. By the way, she's right. Although after 3 shots of 151 I would have thought a pole was cute.

No clocks. anywhere. That's my style. The only clocks in Casa Lilly are on built-in electrical appliances. Clocks make me nervous. I don't need to know that I've spent 3 hours losing at the tables. The empty cups will remind me!

Peoplewatching. Seriously, where else will you see a girl with GUCCI tattood across the back of her neck? (Oh yeah, PB.)

I knew you wouldn't believe me!

I can't say enough about Vegas. And the sickest thing is that it brings me to happy memories of my CHILDHOOD! I know, most people remember Disneyland or their Grandmother's house. I remember the sweet freedom of being left in the room to jump on the bed and discover free adult channels. I remember prank calling. I remember being allowed to eat anything we wanted because we were at a buffet. I remember learning to shoot pool in the playroom of our hotel. I am probably the only person who sees "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" and gets warm fuzzies.

Everytime I go, I only love it more. I came back down $100, 3 pairs of shoes and a cute purse. Any way you cut it, it's the usual: Vegas-1, Lilly-0.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


phat tony said...



phat tony said...

in case I didn't make it clear, I miss you people and I want to hang out with you right now. RIGHT NOW! right now.