I sleep to dream.

Lately I have been feeling earthquakes no one else feels. I'm batting maybe .0001 on this, only sometimes are there actual earthquakes. Tonight it happened again while I was watching tv. Usually it's at 2 am, I feel like the bed is rocking (get your mind out of the gutter. I spoon with my pillow, people) I think maybe because I live in a high rise this is actually possible (the building is on springs and shakes and I am sensitive like a cat), but who knows, I may just still have sea legs from my cruise last year. (You weren't there. It was ROCKY!)

At dinner tonight, I realized my recurring dreams fall into three themes:

1) I am balding in a big bad way (in the dream it's not funny, trust me), completely suddenly/overnight
2) I am peeing and have an audience that won't leave
3) I am shot (it doesn't hurt by the way. It's a warm fuzzy feeling, except when I realize that, well, I've been shot)

The only ways I can think to deal with these potentialities are:

1) Don't wear baseball caps excessively (which I don't), don't overuse gel (which I ceased under duress around 1996)
2) Don't use urinals anymore!!! Silly me.
3) Don't drive through Watts in a convertible.

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Avoid pizza, tomato juice, bloody marys, and any other tomato product before bed time.

Anonymous said...

And or really drive yourself crazy looking up the earthquake website
and it'll show you your area, any other area and the whole world
of EQ activity with color codes as to how long ago
and then you'll get really really paranoid cuz it seems to always be shaking somewhere....red is the color of the in the last hour quakes...
topangamaria who probably checks this website a little too often for my own good