Knock Knock.

Last night I opened my work email to a little visit from an old friend. And by "friend" I mean "guy who broke my heart". I won't go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that this person knew they should not be writing me. In fact, he tried before. And guess what he got? Um, not a response. That was six years ago. You say "grudge", I say "consistent".

The fact that he's married with child (children?) should be enough to keep him from saying hello, don't you think? Or maybe not. Boundaries are apparently subjective, as I've learned in this life. The last time he wrote he threw in that maybe someday I could agent his book. You know, because the allure of that would be SO much that I would jump at the chance. Emmmm thanks but no thanks.

I guess that's what happens in the electronic age. First, people can find anything they want about you on the internet (including the semi-flattering pictures you post, aware that this sort of thing could happen). And then they can *act* on it. They can make you their screensaver, they can track your contact information, they can bypass your personal email (where you deleted them) and show up in your work inbox at 10pm on a Monday night (yet another reminder that shame on she who checks work email before going to bed).

No one knocks on email. Don't you wish they did?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me their opinion on this one. My fiance broke it off with me (after four years of dating) via an e-mail. She gave me no reason, refused to talk about it and provided no closure. I tried numerous times to call, e-mail and write with absolutely no response, ever. My best friend calld her to see if she would talk to him. She made up all kinds of excuses that weren't supported by what happened in the relationship, but she manipulated him into belkieveing all of the point that he balmed me for the relationship coming apart. That's all beside the point. What I want to know is people's feelings on her inviting hm to join her social circle. She invited him to come to parties and wine-tastings after the break-up. She never knew him beforw our relationship and he and I had been friends for twenty years.
She happens to be very emotionally immature (she had inappropriate behaviors like hanging up on me and walking out of a restaurant and leaving me there.) Are there rules of ettiquette for a situation like this? I am thinking she has no idea of boundaries. If the situation were reversed and his former wife had invited me to joing her social circle I would have never dreamed of it. At the time, I told hom in no uncertain terms if he did start doing things with her and her friends our friendship would end. I recently saw their cars parked together at a club we used to frequent. I'm assuming the worst.
Any thoughts out there?