Sittin' Up In My Room

I have come to the realization that I"m just not going to have really important things to say every time I want to post to my blog. Quite liberating really. I'm in Portland for a writers conference and I have visions of getting work done in my room when all I really want to do is flop back on this cushy hotel bed.

So the sorry, sorry realization of the week is that I ain't as young as I used to be.

Then: Drink frat-party-provided lemon drops of dubious quality
Now: Drink two glasses of wine before beginning to alternate water/wine/water/wine

Then: Able to stay up late and party til sunrise
Now: Able to stay up til about midnight, at which point I begin to think about the workout and/or productivity I might miss in the morning if I"m not careful.

Then: Three beers made a guy good looking
Now: Beer? Hello! Carbs!

Then: Come home and call high school friends going to college in other states
Now: Come home tipsy and check work email

That last one worries me most if we're going to be honest here. That's just sad. The thing is, I know I"m not the only one who does it because my friend just drunk emailed me from her work email too.

So today an author pitched me a book and in the conversation he asked me something interesting (or interesting after a few glasses of wine, just go with it). He asked me what my simple pleasures are. Before you get all smartass on me, please recognize that this time last year I was fending off the "date rape poetry" author, so this was a delightful move in the right direction for a writers conference!

In no order of preference, here are some of mine:

1) pouring myself a cup of hot tea or the smell of freshly brewed coffee. it's weird, even when i don't want to drink coffee, that smell just invigorates me. That walk from the stove to my desk or the couch is what I'm after, more than the drink.
2) a bubble bath on a weeknight or a lazy saturday. mmm. saturday night with bubbles and magazines
3) back in the day but one of my favorites -- curling up with Pele on the floor, just listening to silence and being glad I had such a coolio dog (rest in peace, little guy)
4) driving by WindnSea on my way to my parents' house, just because i love that view so much
5) sifting through my tape crate and seeing my life fly by
6) gossiping (sp?) with my parents after a persian dinner party
7) putting the top down on my car
8) looking at the shelves in a bookstore

I'm not really sure where the line is between "simple" pleasures and complicated pleasures. But those are a few of my favorite things (oh, supress your eye roll, dear reader!)

So yeah, it's like the last few weeks of summer. I'm gonna become a pleasureseeker. Stay tuned and feel free to let me crib from your notes.


Anonymous said...

i'm with you on #1 now, it's the smell of roasted tastiness. amazing.
i'm absolutely not with you on #6, that sort of talk always makes me sink in my chair.
sorry i've deprived you regularly of #7.

where is paradise froyo on this list?!