Don't Mind the Gap

Recently two stories have highlighted the ever-widening generation gap.  I am on the losing (read: laughing) end of this.

Scene 1: Friend, in a car driving kids she volunteers with.

They put in a cd of the song Workout by J Cole.  She strikes up conversation with them about it, saying "Cool that he used Paula Abdul, huh? Straight up now tell me!..."

One of the girls turns to her and says "What? Paula Abdul sings??"


Scene 2: A friend and I are talking about Halloween with another friend's daughter.

My friend, to the kid:  "Tell Lilly about your costume- and how you were Madonna for Halloween!" 

Kid: "No, I was a graveyard fairy*."
        (*note: No, we do not know what this is either)

My friend: "No! I saw you!"

Kid: "I was a graveyard fairy."

My friend:  "...But you had the gloves. You were Madonna!"

Kid: "I don't even know who Madonna IS!"