Girl Talk, Real Talk: The Regrets Edition

After one of those weird nights where you spend too much time on Facebook and realize that 99% of the population is engaged or married or propagating the human race while you have been, um, updating your blog, tonight I confessed to one of my best girlfriends that it sometimes feels like other people move forward, and I stay in the same place.

Her:  But you are not stagnate. Just bc you're not married doesn't mean you haven't had amazing life experiences along the way. You just ran a freakin marathon!

Me:  You know what I mean ;)  If there is a nuclear war, my marathons don't hide with me.

Her:  Yeah I do know what you mean. And knowing the guys we date, they'd throw us out of the nuclear bomb shelter.

That's what your girlfriends are there for, folks.  Make sure to keep them on speed dial.


Rowdy said...

speed dial.. what's that?

it's ok to want what you want. to want what you don't have. totally natural.